Nobody Cares

Have you ever noticed that nobody really cares.

I mean, you’re great of course, but nobody gives a shit.

Yes. You have, that’s why you’re here. Reading my donkey sauce.

So it’s April. The end of such as it were. Glad to see you again. I missed you, but I also don’t care.

Yes, that’s right. You aren’t that important. Neither am I. Take solace in the fact that the world can work quite well without you. Don’t take this to mean you aren’t’ loved. I know that is not true, and so do you. Yet, that is no consolation.

Updates on my face. I am 45,000 words (halfishway) through writing my first novel. It’s neat. But terrifyingly exhausting. God damn. Blasphemy and a half. I ain’t quittin’.

Anywho. Can’t believe you’re reading this, but at the same time, you are one of my best friends.