Gather and/or Farm

Hi there!

I want to talk about an important dichotomy in human personalities. Let’s call it the gatherer and farmer divide.

The gatherers being the type of person who comes alive upon a unique journey, the thrill of the discovery, finding a new patch of berries, until their itinerant nature leaves them with an energy deficit and no security.

The farmers being the type of people who excel at nurturing a relationship, job, company, patch of land, until they are forced to quit through death or extreme circumstance.

Of course, these are not only literal farmers or gatherers. They are you, me, and everyone on the spectrum of living.

Serial entrepreneurs, touring musicians, vagabonds, seasonal workers are all gatherers. They like to start new projects and collect experiences, good and bad. When it comes time to manage their creations they lose interest. Getting mired in the application of their ideas seems a dull task. Oftentimes hardships and misfortune befall them, either breaking or inspiring them.

Academics, management career folk, soccer parents, finance people, are types of farmers. They enjoy the security of having boundaries wherein they operate and have title to. They can amend the soil and be proud while they do so knowing they will reap the benefits in five years time.  If misfortune occurs, they often have the resources to absorb the trauma. However, failures occur infrequently and therefore so do big ideas or creativity.

Neither can exist without the other.