Not the Weather

I never want these to be topical coverages of what happened during my day. Not only is that terribly egotistical to subject anyone reading to, it is often far more boring than it sounds.

These are innocent ideas, not tedious occurrences. Though, that could be a fun bizarro world blog to write. I feel like it would make more sense for a British person to tackle that project.

Anyways, I digress from my digression.

I also never wish to talk about the current weather patterns. In any forum. Conversation, email, or blog. As far as I’m concerned, one of the cardinal rules for human interaction should be to avoid the weather at all cost. Climate is ok, but touchy these days and borderline close to as boring as weather.

Everything else is fair game. Race, politics, sandwiches, all equal for commentary.

As you can see, tonight I am specializing in avoidance. There is nothing of import on my mind and that in itself is very important to me right now.

Good night.