Eight Days A Week

I have a modest proposition if you’ll hear me out. It is my sincere desire to get rid of the seven-day week model and replace it with an eight-day a week model.

The main idea being that people work hard for four days and then have four days off.

Think about how amazing that schedule would feel. When you’re at work, you are working your ass off, then you can shift your focus to something entirely different on the other four days. It may even be another job if that’s what tickles your fancy. Or another job for two of the four days off, and then still have a two day weekend. Or you could just work eight days a week. I think I’m starting to understand more about the wisdom of the Beatles now…

Months would consist of three, eight-day weeks. Years would be comprised of 15 of these months equaling a total of 360 days. What about the other five days you ask? They are an international holiday to do whatever the hell you want. Work more, explode things, bacchanalian extravaganzas. Whatever.

Look, you don’t have to make up your mind now, but think on it. We’ll touch back on this later.

Good night.